Compassion Community Clinic

1.  $1,000 will provide 2 to 4 appointments to suffering patients

     with dental pain. With YOUR support, we can continue to   

     provide free compassionate dental care!
2.  $3,400 will pay for 3 to 4 dental hand pieces. Currently, we

     don’t have quite enough hand pieces for our patient session,

     which can cause a slowdown in care.
3.  $10,000 will cover 6 months of our dental supplies, equipment,

     repair and our digital computer system for patient charting and

     x-rays. This sizable gift would be a blessing, allowing us to

     keep our doors open into the coming years!

The above list is for Fall/Winter 2018.

Call Chris Ormsby to talk about these exciting grant opportunities, 775-544-3677.
To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund,

call Lauren Renda at 775-333-5499 or go to

​EIN #45-4643088

With a gift of $1,000 to $10,000, you can be a part of Compassion Community Clinic

by helping us with our current funding priorities:

Thank you for your interest

in Compassion Community Clinic

Providing free adult dental care in Norther​n Nevada